José Perich S.- Enrique Lizondo C.

Oh, sublime region of pioneers
with their green grasslands of coiron
residents with temper of steel,
black gold, livestock and coal.
Next to the sea your town has arisen
the industries and stays to the pair,
the brands of Fireland
they are emblem of your freedom.

Under your starry sky
offering virile effort
Punta Arenas, Puerto Williams
Natales, Porvenir.
Next to the antarctic skies
with God and a beautiful ideal
Chile tells us present!
in their immortal flag

Paradise of snow in winter
it goes flying in the sky upon leaving,
and in the wing of all the winds
the summer leans out toward here
The Strait and their northern Andes
the beauty of the island world,
the exotic Paine Towers
Magellan tries for home